Are you planning to build a house for yourself? That’s a great plan, and it will benefit many people. Most of our most memorable moments occur in our homes, so most people would enjoy having a newly-built residence constructed just as they envisioned.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial ability to participate in construction because of the inevitable increased cost of anything brand new. For a home construction project to be successful, you must know how much it will cost to complete it and confirm if you can finance it to the very end. But how much does it cost to build a new house? Continue reading to find out!

What is the typical cost of a home construction project?

Approximately $485,000 is the national average for the price of a newly constructed home. However, dimensions, location, labor, supplies, and the present real estate market have a role in the project’s final cost. Due to this, there is no straightforward answer that can be applied universally. But let’s examine in further detail how those variables could affect your final price tag.

An Estimate for the Cost of Building a House

Here we’ll examine the typical expenses associated with completing the various stages of house construction.

Lot Completion Price

Unlike raw property, a completed lot already has the necessary infrastructure, such as water and electricity lines and a septic system, so that you may build your home on it immediately. The typical price tag for one is $90000.

Work on-site

This is the stage where you discuss your plans and ideas with your construction team. They will be responsible for drawing out your construction plans, including the dimensioning and specification of any added features. This will cost around $18,000

Permits and inspection cost

To have your contractor begin the actual building once you have completed the planning and design phases, you must pay for the necessary permissions and inspections. Getting a construction permit will cost you approximately $6,000, and water and sewer inspections will cost you another $4,000.


The average cost of laying a foundation is $35,000. In general, the price of a home is higher if it has a basement than if it does not. 

Cost of framing a house

It is at this stage that your home will begin to take form. The big timber required to construct a house’s framework (including the roof) may easily double or triple the initial estimate, pushing the price tag over $42,000. Frame costs may increase by as much as $6,000 if trusses are included. Also, sheathing, a flat layer of boards that covers and protects the frame and trusses, will cost roughly $3,000 after the “bones” are in place. It’s like the flesh on your home’s skeleton. To frame with metal or steel will add $2,000 to the total price.

Cost of interior finishing

After the expense of the completed lot, the inside of a home is often where most of the budget is spent. Many things are included in this stage. It may cost you around $75,000 for your interior finishing. 

Cost of exterior finishing 

The finishing of the exterior is a significant expense, averaging $19,000. Installation of apertures, such as doors, windows, roofs, and garages, is also part of exterior finishing. The estimated costs for these are about $23,000. 


Landscaping and constructing a driveway are the last outside touches on a property, and they may cost around $20,000. Porches, patios, and decks, which are often found outside, are also included. Also, the final cleaning may cost you another $3,000 or more.


After the home-building process, the typical individual will shell out an additional $11,000 on things that cannot be classified into one of the above categories. Keep that amount in reserve if unforeseen expenses or other contingencies occur.

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