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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Everett

Let’s face it – the bathrooms in your home get used more than anything else! A proper bathroom is an essential part of any household, and it should combine function with comfort and aesthetic. That is why you should consider remodeling your bathroom to get the perfect room for you.

The Innovative Touch – Home Remodeling Services is a dedicated construction company that offers a wide variety of services, not least of them being remodeling. Allow our team to build you a bathroom that you and the whole family will love! From choosing a new design on your tiles to starting over and creating a bathroom from nothing, our experts are standing by to help you.

We Are Here to Remodel Your Bathroom!

Remodeling a bathroom is no easy task. Since these rooms are so essential and used by every member of the household, you cannot sacrifice function or safety. Every part needs to fit together to ensure that you have a bathroom that is perfectly designed. That is why you need a team of bathroom remodeling contractors with years of experience. That is why you need The Innovative Touch!

There are many components that go into remodeling a bathroom. It can be easy to assume that there is not much to do since bathrooms are typically small, but you would be surprised by how the tasks pile up. Here a few essential parts of any bathroom remodel:

1. Switching out your bathtub, shower, or toilet

The hardest part of a bathroom remodel will often be finding the new primary appliances. You need a new bathtub and shower, either as a combination or to be installed separately. You also might want a new toilet, which entails removing all originals before installing new ones.

2. Updating the faucets, floors, and lights

After all, there is more to a bathroom than just a shower, sink, and toilet! A complete remodel can include updating the lights and wiring, switching to new faucets, and finding a new flooring that fits your desired vision.

3. Finding new tiles

Many people enjoy picking out new tiles for their shower, as this allows them to choose exactly the aesthetic that they want. Once you’ve picked your favorite, it is time to install it.

4. Installing a new mirror or vanity

Updating your bathroom includes choosing a new mirror or vanity! Based on size, aesthetic, and cost, you can find a variety of options.

5. New paint on the walls and/or wallpaper

. Finally, it is time to bring it all together! Choose the paint or wallpaper that you prefer to build your dream bathroom from the ground up.

The Bathroom You Need, For the Prices You Want

We are proud to offer you the chance to build the bathroom that you need for the prices that you want. Our team is standing by to bring your vision to life! All you have to do is contact us today, either by email or phone. What are you waiting for?