A kitchen remodeling project can sometimes be a huge undertaking and may involve several stages. Of course, it comes with a lot of inconveniences, and it may put some activities to a halt in your home. But you may be wondering how many more times of inconveniences you must experience. So, how long does it take to complete a kitchen remodeling project? 

In this article, we will answer this question, explaining in detail the stages involved in the process and some other factors that may extend the completion time. So continue reading to find out!

What is the average time frame for kitchen remodeling?

The answer, however, is not as straightforward as giving the precise number of days or weeks but rather depends on various factors. It’s impossible to estimate how long it will take to renovate a kitchen since every job is unique. However, a kitchen remodeling project may take anywhere from three to five months on average, but a large-scale renovation might take even longer than a year. What is the average time frame for a kitchen renovation? Below is the outlined general schedule of a kitchen remodeling project and approximately how long each stage might take.

Designing and planning stage

The planning and designing phase occurs before construction begins and before you start to feel the effects of a kitchen-less home. At least one month should be allotted for pre-work preparations before construction begins.

Demolition stage

Depending on the extent of the changes you want to make to your kitchen, this phase might be completed in under a week.

Construction stage

This phase may last anywhere from three days to a week, depending on whether or not your dream kitchen includes demolishing walls or other structural elements.

Utilitarian Activity

This is when you relocate utilities such as water pipes, sewer lines, electrical outlets, and gas lines. It shouldn’t take more than a week if all the contractors can get there at once, but it may stretch into two if they have to arrive at separate times.

Cabinets installation stage

The length of time it takes to install new cabinets depends on the kind of cabinets you choose. Comparatively, installing bespoke cabinets may take up to two weeks, whereas installing stock cabinets takes a day or two. 


Depending on the materials you choose for the backsplash, installation time might be more than two days.


The time required for this is between one and two days. 

Painting stage 

Painting a kitchen might take one to two days, plus an additional day for drying, depending on its size.

Flooring stage

Depending on the flooring material and the square footage, the installation process might take a few hours or days. 


Depending on the current illumination, installing the lights should take around a day. In most cases, the installer can complete their task even if additional workers are present.


The installation of appliances should take two days.

Other Factors Influencing the Time Frame.

Some of the following may influence how long it takes to complete the project:

  • When you go with bespoke countertops and cabinets,
  • A request for unique tiles and construction supplies
  • Stock depletion
  • Lack of available workers
  • Design alterations
  • permitting Delays

When renovating a kitchen, numerous things might go wrong and extend the process. Making adjustments to a project that has already begun will delay completion by at least a week and perhaps longer. If you want the kitchen remodel to go off without a hitch, make every effort to complete your designs before construction begins.

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