While renovating your bathroom is an excellent method to increase the value of your house, the process may take time and effort. To better prepare and avoid these obstacles, we will examine how long it takes to remodel a bathroom. 

The Permits Processing Stage

All work involving electricity or plumbing should have a permit. Sometimes it takes as little as two weeks and many months to get the necessary permissions depending on the city or county. An assessment of the completed job may also need scheduling. While the inspection may not take long, you may have to wait days or weeks to get on an inspector’s calendar.

Picking Out Materials Stage

Perhaps you’ve developed a crush on an exotic porcelain tile. A wheelchair user might benefit from a roll-in shower. Remodeling projects sometimes run behind schedule because of the need to obtain hard-to-find materials and components. If time is of the essence during the renovation, consider looking into other building supplies.

Plan Your Time Ahead

It usually takes four to eight weeks to professionally renovate a bathroom by removing all the existing fixtures, wiring, and plumbing and rerouting it to accommodate the new layout. Five business days is a realistic time frame for a small bathroom renovation that does not need demolition, new wiring, or plumbing. Here’s a rundown of what you may anticipate.


For example, if your task is just aesthetic, “demolition” might entail hauling an old vanity or taking the toilet out. However, if you want to knock out the bathtub or shower and all of the tiles around it, replace the plumbing, and so on, then you’re dealing with actual demolition for your bathroom renovations. Considering how much has to be taken out, the process may take anywhere from only a few hours to two days.

Plumbing and electric work

Plan on spending up to four days on your bathroom makeover if you’re utilizing a contractor who also works for other customers. You may anticipate a response in 1-2 days if you’re the only customer. 

Priming, sanding, and painting

If it’s just paintings you need, this task might be finished in a day. Depending on the dimensions of the bathroom, drywall removal, insulation, new drywall installation, and drywall preparation might take one to two days. 

Preparation and installation of tiles

It takes a lot of effort to get the walls ready for tiling and have them all level. The time required for a tiled surface to dry increases. DIY tile installation by a beginner who has never done it before might require weeks of labor. However, when you hire a professional, you can anticipate spending seven days or more during this phase. 

Setting up Lighting Fixtures.

Installing a new bathroom fixture like a sink, shower, or toilet is best left to the professionals. The best way to prepare is by waiting for the caulking to dry. After the electrical system has been installed, installing vanities and lighting fixtures is a breeze.

Remember that these calculations do not account for the time required to wait for permits or inspections or fix problems that crop up during the renovation but were not visible before. You should budget extra time for mistakes if you’re not a professional DIYer.

Ready For A Bathroom Remodel?

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