Modern bathroom remodeling has become more than just a bathroom makeover. From new fixtures to complete remodels, you can make your space feel brand new by updating the decor. Bathroom remodeling can make you feel like more of a homeowner and less of a renter. Here are just some of how modern bathroom  remodeling is changing the way people look at their bathrooms.

What is new in bathroom remodeling?

We all know that our bathrooms are getting much larger than they used to be. Today’s bathrooms are more like small living spaces, with the latest trends adding sunken living rooms, outdoor tubs, and fireplaces. To live in these new masterpieces of bathroom design, you need to know the latest trends.

One of the newest trends in bathroom remodeling is the inclusion of a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower looks just like a traditional shower, but it has a sliding door that allows it to be a walk-in. This opens up new options for your bathroom. It provides you with more space while simultaneously looking elegant. You can also enjoy the benefits of a sunken living room or other outdoor tubs with this feature.

Jacuzzi tubs and clawfoot tubs
Another trend gaining traction is the addition of Jacuzzi tubs and clawfoot tubs. These are found in many homes today, and they are perfect for relaxing at the end of long days when you don’t want to get out of bed yet. They also allow for more storage space and an upgraded look to your bathroom space.

Addition of luxurious showers and adjustable showerheads
Finally, there are two more trends: luxurious showers with rainfall features and adjustable showerheads. These features make showers even more enjoyable and give them a luxurious feel without being too extravagant for most budgets.

Addition of a sink countertop
This trend is a little more straightforward than other trends and is probably the most similar to traditional bathroom design styles. However, this style allows you to create your unique look by choosing from various sinks, faucets, cabinets, and more.

Addition of less counter space for sinks
The sink will no longer be found on a counter; instead, it will be integrated into a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This allows for more room around your sink and gives you more options for storage since there is no need for extra counter space.

Benefits of New Bathrooms.

New bathrooms are more efficient, eco-friendly, and practical. They provide more space and make the experience of bathing more enjoyable.

With this, there are many benefits to remodeling your bathroom with a new layout. One notable benefit is that it will create more space, so you won’t worry about having enough room for anything anymore. Another benefit is that these new layouts will be much better for the environment since they’re less wasteful than older layouts. In addition, this trend will also save you time and money in the long run by saving you money on energy bills and help you save time by adding convenience features.

Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Service

These new bathroom trends are beneficial not only to individual needs but also to the entire community in Everett, WA. So if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, new designs are here for you at Innovative Touch. Trust us to perform your bathroom remodeling job correctly.

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