Whether you’re planning a modest, one-room remodel or a massive, whole-house restoration, a skilled and trustworthy general contractor will be vital. Despite the high cost, these professionals’ services are worth it for significant renovations.
Hiring a general home addition contractor is economical; they will help you manage the entire renovation process, avoid wastage, help homeowners make wise choices, and deal with extensive city inspection and licensing procedures.

How to find the right contractor

We understand by now you need the right contractor for your home addition. Don’t rush it. Follow various resources for locating a reliable general contractor and refine your options to make a final hire below.

Consult a Real Estate Agent

Do you know the best way to resource the best contractor is through real estate agents? They maintain contact lists of dedicated home improvement contractors to serve their clients better. Your realtor probably knows dependable handypersons, plumbers, pool cleaners, etc., and can recommend contractors.

A seasoned real estate agent will also have expertise working with contractors by selling them homes or helping them flip properties. Even if you haven’t closed on the property yet and want to remodel, having a few contractors that your realtor recommends is a good idea.

Recommendations from Others

Finding a reliable general home additions contractor might be difficult, but a referral from a friend, family member, or neighbor can go a long way. You can be sure that the contact will sing the general contractor’s praises of their experience with them.

If the situation is unfavorable, your connection will probably advise you not to hire that contractor. Get in touch with anyone you know who has just completed a house renovation for their honest opinion.

Try Online Marketplace.

Suppose you haven’t had any luck finding a reliable home improvement contractor through your realtor’s recommendations or personal networks. In that case, you might look into an online marketplace that brings homeowners and service providers together.

Houzz and Porch are just a few examples of helpful websites. Get a directory of available neighborhood handypersons. If the contractor has a profile on the site, you can find out more about them, see examples of their past work, and read feedback from previous customers.

Choosing the Best Contractor

After choosing the best contractor through the above ways, do not skip the research phase for reliability. Ensure you’ve verified that the contractor possesses the necessary certifications and insurance.

Keep in mind that you will regularly work closely with this contractor as you make your choice. Therefore, effective communication is crucial. Even if you and your contractor don’t become friends, you should be able to communicate well and agree on most issues.

Also, it is essential to look beyond the price of a general contractor’s services while deciding. Please don’t go with the lowest contractor because their bid is significantly lower than the others. However, the price is essential but prioritizes other considerations like experience, reputation, and personality.


Make non-regrettable decision by choosing the best contractor for your project. Are you looking for a home renovation contractor with vast experience and a track record? No worries. We got you covered. Call Innovative Touch at (425) 760-4216 for your Home, Kitchen and Bath remodeling needs.