Water damage may be a significant problem resulting from a leaking roof, a broken pipe, or even sewage overflow. However, fixing the problem and removing the moisture as soon as possible can avoid mold development and further harm. But how much does water damage restoration cost? Continue reading to learn more on the cost and factors that can affect the cost.

What Is The Cost Of Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage is one of the most frequent causes of property loss in both business and residential settings. Kitchen cabinets, ceilings, walls, wood floors, and crawl spaces are particularly vulnerable to water damage because of their proximity to malfunctioning appliances and pipes in a home. Several variables, such as length of time and kind of damaged materials, contribute to the overall cost of water damage.

However, water damage restoration in one room typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000, not including the price of new furnishings or other fixtures. Water damage drying often entails nothing more than a thorough cleaning, extraction, and airing out.

Also, the cost per square foot to complete the task may range anywhere from $4 to $8. This, of course, depends on the quantity of water, the space’s size, and the tools’ sophistication. For 48-72 hours, a common hallway will need two or three air movers and one dehumidifier. Air movers may cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per day to rent, while dehumidifiers will run you anywhere from $80 to $120.

By and large, the expenses will rise if you wait too long to dry and repair the material after water damage.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Water Damage Restoration

The severity of the damage also has a significant effect on the overall cost of repairing water damage. Restoration costs may be minimal if the damage is contained and emergency measures are taken quickly. For instance, repairing a tiny hole in the roof that has developed due to a leaking roof is necessary. The amount of money needed to repair the damage caused by water is expected to be lower here.

Similarly, the repair costs will be minimal if a leak just damaged the subfloor and not the walls, furniture, or carpet.

However, the restoration will be more expensive if the water has infiltrated into other sections, regardless of classification. This is often the case with floods, as several goods are ruined by water and must be thrown away. In extreme instances, the expenditures associated with restoration might reach $7,800.

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